[An investor] will do better if he forgets about the stock market and pays attention to his dividend returns and to the operating results of his companies.

- Benjamin Graham, The Intelligent Investor

Why Use PortfolioFR?

  • Become a beacon of comfort for clients and prospects.
  • Mitigate emotionally charged investment decisions.
  • Focus on stable fundamental performance – not market volatility.
  • Improve performance for both your clients and your business.

PortfolioFR helps you retain and acquire more clients by enhancing your reporting toolkit with a refreshing new perspective on equity portfolios. Traditional reporting systems tend to focus on market performance, but PortfolioFR allows you and your clients to see past volatile market price swings and focus on comprehensive fundamental performance. Focusing on stable fundamental performance should provide more peace of mind and facilitate objective investment decisions - two key ingredients for a successful advisory practice.

Clients and advisors who focus too much on the price of their investments open the door for emotions to negatively impact their investment decisions - encouraging a buy-high/sell-low mentality. Unfortunately, this recipe for poor investment performance is an all too common issue and one respected investment icons such as Warren Buffett and John Bogle have repeatedly addressed.

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Who Uses PortfolioFR?

PortfolioFR can be used by virtually any financial professional involved in managing equity portfolios - whether it is on their own behalf or for their clients. Investment professionals who want to facilitate objective investment decisions or differentiate themselves with their client reporting should consider using PortfolioFR.

Wealth managers
Family offices
Corporate investors
Insurance companies
Pension funds
Investment companies

How to Use PortfolioFR: 3 Easy Steps

We have tried to make PortfolioFR as easy to use as possible, but please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any help getting started, using the PortfolioFR tool, or if you have any questions. Just follow these three steps:

PortfolioFR will create a report illustrating the fundamental performance of your equity portfolio. We recommend you customize each report's header by inserting your firm's logo and contact information as well as the client's details for each portfolio.

Additional Services

We are happy to assist you with setting up or using the PortfolioFR tool. However, we also offer additional support services to help you get the most out of the tool:
Data preparation: We can convert your existing portfolio holdings data to our required input format.
Fund conversion: We can convert funds (i.e., mutual funds and ETFs) into individual stock positions that are compatible with our PortfolioFR tool.
Graphic design: We can help you customize your firm's logo fit into the header of the report.


  • We respect your relationships with your clients.
  • Our customization functionality allows you to generate white-label reports branded with your firm's logo.
  • No trace of our firm appears on the front page of the reports.
  • We only monitor PortfolioFR usage via the number of reports you create and dollar amount of portfolios processed.
  • We do not store data that you upload to the PortfolioFR tool.
  • Uploaded data and files are copied to our servers' memory during the report generation process, but are deleted immediately after the reports are created.


  • Our tools and data rely on data from third parties. While we try to ensure that the data is accurate, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. We encourage our users to report suspicious data to us so we can verify or fix the data.
  • Much of the data we use is derived from financial statements. It is thus vulnerable to varying reporting conventions and potential manipulation. As a result, our figures and tools may materially misrepresent the true financial health or performance of some companies or portfolios.
  • Fundamental Reporting expressly denies any and all responsibility for actions taken as a result of the information provided.
  • Fundamental Reporting is provided as a supplement to other reporting and research tools. Investors, advisors, and other users of the Fundamental Reporting tools should conduct a broader and more thorough analysis of each investment in the course of their own due diligence prior to making any investment decisions or rendering advice.
  • While Fundamental Reporting provides information regarding equity portfolios, it does not recommend any particular investments.
  • Individual investors should consult a financial professional before making investment related decisions.