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If you have any questions regarding the Fundamental Reporting tools or our services, please contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My chart does not look like it stacks up correctly. Blue lines appear above and below the red dividend chart area?
A: Negative numbers! They make stacked charts difficult to understand as some areas can overlap. We build Fundamental Reporting charts bottom-up starting with NAV, OI, and then DIVS. For example, if NAV is positive but OI is negative at some point, then NAV will stack upward from the horizontal axis, but OI will "stack" downward. Then DIVS (always non-negative) will stack upward from there but leave a trace of the OI (dark blue) from where they started.
Q: Why does my Fundamental Reporting chart go down?
A: It is very possible that your portfolio's fundamentals turned negative. While dividends cannot be negative, the net-asset-value (NAV) and ownership-interest (OI) factors can be negative. We do our best to screen our databases for bad data, but please contact us to report any suspicious data points.
Q: I cannot login?
A: In most cases this is due to forgetting or mistyping your password, but it is possible your account has expired. In either case, contact your internal Fundamental Reporting administrator or contact us so that we can reset your password or check your account status.
Q: How do I integrate my logo?
A: Login, go to the ADMIN menu in the left pane, and select LOGO UPLOAD.
Q: How do I edit my company settings?
A: Login, go to ADMIN menu in the left pane, and select COMPANY SETTINGS.
Q: How do I reset a password?
A: User passwords can be reset by your company ADMIN. If you are the company ADMIN, then please contact us to reset your password.
Q: Can I access the actual data behind Fundamental Reporting?
A: In general, no. We are under tight restrictions with regards to our ability to redistribute data we acquire from third parties. However, if you have a one-off request, then please contact us to see if we can help.
Q: Can you help me adjust my company logo to fit well within the Fundamental Reporting header?
A: Yes, please contact us to help resolve any issue you have with logo formatting or design.
Q: Can you help me convert the output from my portfolio management or reporting system?
A: Yes. We want the Fundamental Reporting tool to be as easy to use as possible. Please contact us so we can build a spreadsheet tool to convert your data to the right format. We have already developed tools for several major portfolio reporting systems.
Q: Can we integrate Fundamental Reporting directly into our reporting system or website?
A: Yes. Depending upon your particular needs, we can offer one of several options for integrating Fundamental Reporting into your reporting systems or website. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
Q: How does Fundamental Reporting handle missing data?
A: When we do not have financial data for a company in a particular period (e.g., Facebook data prior to it going public in 2012), we reallocate the weight of the company with missing data to the rest of the portfolio - effectively inflating the other data to compensate for the missing data.
Q: Is Fundamental Reporting just a reporting tool?
A: The Fundamental Reporting tool provides a new lens into corporate performance that can benefit many other investment applications. Please review our consulting services or contact us to see how we help you with your investment challenges.
Q: Why didn't my portfolio upload properly?
A: In most cases, this will be a formatting issue. The most common issue is when numbers are formatted with a comma (e.g., "1,000" instead of "1000"). The comma-separated-value (csv) format parses the data according to where commas are placed. Our database contains fundamental data for several thousand US companies. If you attempt to upload foreign companies or use non-standard tickers, then those stocks will not get processed. As always, please contact us if you think our database contains errors, is missing data, or if you would like help troubleshooting any issues.
Q: Where is my report?
A: Once you click on the GENERATE REPORT button, reports are automatically downloaded to your computer. In some cases, your browser will automatically open the report with your PDF software. If that is not the case, check your default download folder.
Q: Why does my report show up in the browser when I click to download it?
A: Your browser is configured to open PDF documents directly within the browser window.
Q: Why does my report pop up in another window when I click to download it?
A: Your browser is configured to open PDF documents outside of the browser using your default PDF software.